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Lost and Found:
Arc Poetry Magazine resurrects 13 dead Canadian poets
you should know but don't

One lost protg of Irving Layton's. One ignored Hungarian-Canadian
immigrant. One unheard-of Chinese-Canadian immigrant Imagist poet. Two
Canadians-in-exile (one the overlooked niece of the famous "Confederation
Poet" Charles G.D. Roberts, the other a Soho-dweller and friend of George
Orwell's). Arguably our first Modernist poet. Two Governor-General's Award
winners (one of these a Nova Scotian master sonneteer). One
doggerel-addicted soldier. One invalid bestseller who fell behind the
times. One assassinated politician. One World War I poet and one World War
II poet.

Just in time for Canada Day, 2007, Arc Poetry Magazine launches a special
issue featuring poetry by 13 Forgotten and Neglected Canadian poets,
alongside essays by contemporary poets and critics arguing why their work
ought to be revered and remembered.

In their introduction to this landmark issue and unique project in
Canadian letters, co-editors Anita Lahey and Matthew Holmes write, " All
the poets you will read about in this copy of Arc are dead. With each, a
potential legacy has also died, or is in full-blown demise. Though
ordinary mortality is beyond our powers to correct, we take issue, as our
theme "Forgotten and Neglected" implies, with these secondary, literary
deaths. We contend that each of the 13 poets whose work appears in these
pages has received less credit than was his or her due for either literary
accomplishments, the enrichment of our poetic history, or both. The
contributions made by these poets have faded too quickly from our
collective memory and seem doomed to archival obscurity, if that."

Arc Poetry Magazine 's Forgotten and Neglected will be launched at a
reading in Ottawa June 23, 2007, at the Manx Pub, 370 Elgin St., 5 p.m.
The issue hits newsstands across the country June 30, and can be ordered
directly through Arc's website: . The issue's launch will be
accompanied by special podcasts on Arc's website featuring Forgotten and
Neglected Poets' poems read aloud by the issue's contributors.

For more information please see, or contact:

Pauline Conley

Anita Lahey

Matthew Holmes

Luis Lama Book Launch

New Book "El Diario del Gato Negro" (Spanish). I am planning a Launching of this and my next book in English.




More information (in Spanish, no English translation provided). Click here.


Book available at:
Leslie Roster
PO Box 5473, Station F
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2C 3M1






Luis Lama

613 241 7871

Challenge-show Ottawa Has Vibrant Culture

"Can you do 50 arts activities in a year? You may think youre not an arts
person but have you ever thought about how art figures into your day? Here
is your opportunity to tell Canadians about your 50 arts adventures in
2007-- be they serious, extraordinary, official, ridiculous or sublime."

please help me bombard the site with as many very specific ottawa events
as possible in the areas of art, culture, literature and whatever else you
can think of to demonstrate that we are not some cultural backwater as the
media here insists. show your pride in ottawa as canada's cultural sweet
spot.register and upload activities.

be specific, name drop and mention websites and blogs of ottawa cultural
icons, movers and shakers.

oh yeah, it's for the 50th anniversary of the Canada council of the arts ;)

Jorge Etcheverry

Call for Papers, Notes, Reviews, and Commentaries on the Works of Jorge Etcheverry
    The Red Cultural Hispánica (Hispanic Cultural Network) inaugurates a series
    of cultural evenings on Spanish-Canadian authors with a symposium devoted to
    the works of the well-known Chilean-Canadian poet, and prose writer, Jorge
    Etcheverry. Writers, professors, students,and other interested parties are
    invited to present papers, notes, reviews, and commentaries on the writings
    of Jorge Etcheverry. The symposium will be held on June 22, 2007, at 7:00
at Library and Archives Canada, Room A, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa,
    Participants from all over the world are welcome.
    Each presenter will have about 20 minutes. Presentations may be made in
    Spanish, English or French.
    An outline (approx. 10 lines) of the content of the presentation should be
    received by the selection committee of the Red Cultural Hispánica by April
    30, 2007
    Please send your coordinates and outline to "Series on Spanish-Canadian
    authors" at .
    If you have any question or require materials on the author, send an email
    to the same address.

Archibald Lampman Award merges with Duncan Campbell Scott Foundation

Arc Poetry Magazine is pleased to announce the merger of the Archibald
    Lampman Award for Poetry with the Duncan Campbell Scott Foundation and the
    creation of the new $1500 annual Lampman-Scott Award. The Lampman-Scott
    Award recognizes an outstanding book of English-language poetry by an
    author living in the National Capital Region and will be announced at the
    Ottawa Book Awards ceremony in October. A reading featuring all eligible
    poets in conjunction with he Poets' Hill Committee will be held at
    Beechwood Cemetery on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007.
    Established in 1986, the Archibald Lampman Award for Poetry was inspired by
    Archibald Lampman, Canada's finest 19th century poet. Born in 1861, Lampman
    graduated from Trinity College (Toronto) in 1882, and then moved to Ottawa
    where he worked for the Post Office until his death in 1899. He is known
    for his ability to immerse metaphysics in the details of nature, which he
    observed while hiking round what was then the wilderness capital of a new
    country. His books include Among the Millet (1888), Lyrics of Earth (1895)
    and the posthumous Alcyone (1900). Previous winners of the Archibald
    Lampman Award for Poetry include Laura Farina, Stephen Brockwell, David
    O'Meara, and Stephanie Bolster.
    Duncan Campbell Scott was born in Ottawa in 1862 and died here in 1947. He
    had a controversial, but highly successful 53-year career in the civil
    service and was a tireless contributor to the cultural life of the national
    capital. With Ottawa's Archibald Lampman and Fredericton's Charles G.D.
    Roberts and Bliss Carman, Scott was a leader of the influential group of
    "Confederation Poets" who comprised the first full flowering of Canadian
    literature, especially poetry, in the late nineteenth century. Lampman
    wrote of reading, in 1881, Roberts' first volume, Orion and Other Poems
    (1880) and being inspired to become a poet. Subsequently Lampman convinced
    his friend Scott to write poetry. The two remained fast friends, frequently
    taking wilderness trips together, till Lampman's early death in 1899 from
    complications associated with the rheumatic fever he'd contracted in
    boyhood. Scott suffered much guilt because Lampman had lapsed into his
    final illness following one of their trips. For the rest of his life in
    response to any mention of Lampman's name, Scott would sigh, "Poor Archie."
    Scott became Lampman's literary executor, and his tireless labours in this
    role were instrumental in keeping his friend's poetry alive.
    The Lampman-Scott Poetry Award is a fitting tribute to the intertwined
    lives and accomplishments of these two makers of local, national, and
    international culture. This year's contestants are:
        * Sylvia Adams: Sleeping on the Moon (Hagios Press)
        * Ronnie R. Brown: Night Echoes (Black Moss Press)
        * Terry Ann Carter: Transplanted (Borealis Press)
        * Michael Dennis: Arrows of Desire (General Store Publishing House)
        * Oni The Haitian Sensation: Ghettostocracy (McGilligan Books)
        * Christopher Levenson: Local Time (Stone Flower Press)
        * rob mclennan: aubade (Broken Jaw Press)
        * rob mclennan: name, and errant (Stride Publications)
        * Monty Reid: Disappointment Island (Chaudiere Books)
        * Grant D. Savage: Their White with Them (Bondi Studios)
    To follow this story, look for updates on the Lampman-Scott Award archive or contact
    Paul Tyler at

Arc Poetry Magazine Launches Portage:
A Map to the Poetry Ecosystem

    Looking for ideas? The online home of Arc: Canada's Poetry Magazine,, has added a new window onto the world of poetry.
    Portage, on preview since December, is a
    routes map to the poetry ecosystem in Canada and around the world.
    Through over 500 online links, the Portage map outlines educational
    resources, professional tracks, academic debates, underground movements,
    historical and/or indigenous legacies, book and magazine trades, new media
    innovations, and grassroots community initiatives. By no means
    comprehensive, this map attempts to offer a cross-section of the players
    advancing the craft, the critical discourse, and the public appreciation of
    poetry in its many forms, written or performed.
    Portage points out the sometimes tucked away, and sometimes wide open,
    profusion of poetry and spoken word happening in Canada and in other
    countries. The emphasis is on poetry in English or translated into English.
    But as with traditional portage routes where explorers, traders, and
    indigenous people carried their canoes over obstacles to new waters, the
    goal is exchange.
    Visitors can start their journey by picking one of the navigation routes
    listed on the right-hand side of the page. These include bookstores, fairs
    and festivals, poet websites, publishers, reading series, and workshops and
    writing groups.
    Regional links allow users to explore by country or by Canadian province.
    The National Capital Region, home to Arc, has its own list, and we are
    scouting for links with a bioregional emphasis.
    Visitors may also navigate by using tags, which indicate the poetry form,
    style, theme, subject matter or medium to be found in a certain
    site. Try out the selective search to find, say,
    bookstores or workshops in a given area.
    Arc Poetry Magazine
    P.O. Box 81060
    Ottawa, Ontario,
    Canada, K1P 1B1

the ottawa small press book fair spring edition

span-o (the small press action network - ottawa)
the ottawa
small press
book fair
spring edition
will be happening
Saturday, June 16, 2007

in room 203 of the Jack Purcell Community Centre (on Elgin, at 320 Jack
Purcell Lane). contact rob at to sign up for a table, etc.

General info: the ottawa small press book fair noon to 5pm (opens at 11am
for exhibitors)

admission free to the public. $20 for exhibitors (payable to rob mclennan,
c/o 858 Somerset St W, main floor, Ottawa Ontario K1R 6R7). full tables
only. for catalog, exhibitors should send (on paper, not email name of
press, address, email, web address, contact person, type of publications,
list of publications (with price), if submissions are being considered &
any other pertinent info, including upcoming ottawa-area events (if any).

also, due to the increased demand for table space, exhibitors are asked to
confirm far earlier than usual. i.e. -- before, say, the day of the fair.
the fair usually contains exhibitors with poetry books, novels, cookbooks,
posters, t-shirts, graphic novels, comic books, magazines, scraps of
paper, gum-ball machines with poems, 2x4s with text, etc. happens twice a
year, started in 1994 by rob mclennan & James Spyker. now run by rob
mclennan thru span-o.

questions, or 613 239 0337 more info on span-o at the
span-o link of

free things can be mailed for fair distributionto the same address. we
will not be selling things for folk who cant make it, sorry.

also, always looking for volunteers to poster, move tables, that sort of
thing. let me know if anyone able to do anything. thanks.

for more information, bother rob mclennan at 613 239 0337 or / or check out the span-o link at

The Crimson Boy is coming!

Greetings, Friends! 


I'm thrilled to show off my website's fresh look, and to bring to your attention new media pics, thanks to the creative eye of my photographer David Three Rats.



Do you want to inject more lust into your love life? Of course you do! We all benefit from passion.  At your leisure, browse the writing samples for free.  My inexpensive books will make ideal gifts for Valentine's Day.  You need only place your secure order on-line or contact me to make other arrangements.    


And oh new novel, The Crimson Boy, is coming!  Check out the cool, retro image of the front cover on my website (link above).


Forward this email to all your friends...pretty please.  It's not easy pimping oneself, you know.



Patricia Kathleen McCarthy


P.S.  All innuendos are intentional


Book of Daleth

free e-book…check it out!

1) potential content for upcoming issues of, including essays,
interviews and manifestos. Stephen Brockwell & I, with new managing editor
Roland Prevost, are working on the next issue, but are always looking for
new content. Check out for previous issues, and send
submissions to

2) also, i may be moons behind, but working up to a bunch of new
publications for above/ground press over the next month or so.
subscriptions, whether new or renewal, are $40 Canadian (outside Canada,
$40 US). more info here:
; if you already are a subscriber, envelopes have been slowly going out
since the middle of december & will continue to...

3) anyone with an office in ottawa that can get me cheap or free
photocopies? its been dry the past year or so...

rob mclennan at 613 239 0337